5 Things You Didn’t Know about AppleBee’s

As you may know, it is the beginning of 2016 and tied to it are our New Year’s Resolutions.

One of them is don’t become fat. And while you will be motivated in the beginning, ultimately AppleBee’s will destroy your New Year’s Resolutions. You can’t resist AppleBee’s.

No one can, but that’s not where this post is about. This blog post is all about 5 specific things I bet you didn’t know about AppleBee’s.

If you think I came up with these fun facts, you are wrong. Credits to Menu And Prices.

Number Uno: AppleBee’s don’t let you come dinner with your gun with you!

AppeBee’s didn’t let customers dinner over at their restaurants if they carry a gun with them. That was their gun policy, until customers got rejected all the time and wanted to boycot the firm.

When AppleBee’s saw that their restaurants would get less customers and as a consequence, significantly less income, they felt forced to change their policy.

Nowadays, Applebee’s allows customers to visit their restaurants with guns on them.Takeaway here: the customer is king, even if they do something that doesn’t fit your political or moral principles as the owner of a big company.

Number Two: Fingertips in your food

Did you already hear this horrifying story? Someone ordered something at AppleBee’s, and guess what happened? She found a finger tip in her food. It is still not figured out how this finger tip managed to find its way to the meal of a customer, but this story will probably make you think twice before you order something at Applebee’s next time.

I’m sure you will. The finfgertip was bloody, just imagine that in your salad. I would never eat at AppleBee’s again in my life. But hey, there is some good news too.. Check Number Three.

Number Three: Happy Hours of AppleBee’s are the best

AppleBee’s has happy hours from 4 pm to 11 p.m. That’s huge. Nobody can offer you something like that in U.S. They are doing a great job in being affordable for a large public.

Their commitment to make their beloved customers very drunk is not seen anywhere else before. So besides the bloody fingertips, AppleBee’s is actually one of the more affordable restaurants.

Number Four: AppleBee’s is rethinking their strategy for 2016

Yes, you have heard it right. AppleBee’s will introduce a new restaurant design for 2016.

Morover, their bar and meal menu will be reconsidered. Especially the bar will get a “facelift”, whereby AppleBee’s will use other glasses, improve bar service, and introduce electrical outlets. AppleBee’s will try to break out of the sea of sameness in casual dining.

I’m curious how it will work out, let’s hope for the best.

Number Five: Menu and Prices of AppleBee’s are Online

If you didn’t know already, Menu and Prices – a website that gathers lots of information about every restaurant in the United States – updated its website with an up-to-date listing of Applebee’s menu and prices. You can find real time information on AppleBee’s menu and prices, which is quite nice as you won’t find it elsewhere. Go take a look, it might be that Menu and Prices will become your next favorite website. It could be!